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Named among World's Top Thinkers 2022 by Prospect Magazine

Named among World's Top Thinkers 2022 by Prospect Magazine

In 2022, Prospect Magazine shared a list of the "intellectuals coming up with the most exciting and potentially game-changing ideas in their fields—from war analysts, climate scientists and tech regulators to the philosophers rethinking sex and gender."

You can find me right after Elon Musk.


Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili
When the Taliban retook Kabul last summer, everyone was searching for answers about why it happened. Murtazashvili, an academic and researcher with years of on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan, provided a compelling thesis: in trying to impose models of democratic engagement from the outside, the US failed to take account of local structures of accountability. Corruption and cynicism flourished—Afghans quickly realised that the flashier a new government building was, the less authority it had in reality—and the rebellion was fuelled. Her sobering analysis is found in more detail in Order and the State in Afghanistan (2016), vital reading for any occupying force contemplating nation-building.